Executive Committee

Starting out as the Overseas Pakistani league in 1948, the Singapore Pakistani association carries out activities that are in sync with the events that take place in Pakistan. With many members in the organisation, the SPA comprises Singaporeans, permanent residents, expatriates, short term visitors as well as students. 

The Singapore Pakistani Association has given Pakistanis the opportunities to interact and stay connected to their roots over the past 73 years. The organisation’s efforts to promote synergy among its members include cultural, sporting and family events that cater to an extensive audience. Some of the efforts to bring our members together are SPA-organised concerts and performances featuring Pakistani artistes, Eid gatherings, Ramadan activities, cricket and sport carnivals as well as talk and information sessions. 

In addition to the activities carried out within the Singapore Pakistani Association, we also partner with other community organisations such as KHALSA, SINDA and the Arab Network to develop stronger relations and form connections between the organisations. The SPA regularly connects to the Institute of Policy Studies providing our input in making Singapore a truly integrated society.   

We acknowledge the duty to connect members to humanitarian activities. Over the years, the Singapore Pakistani Association has partnered with different charities and welfare organisations both Singapore and Pakistan based. We have also made sure to give a charitable helping hand whenever there has been a crisis or emergency in Pakistani.