About Us

Singapore Pakistani Association (SPA) started out as Overseas Pakistani League in 1948, carrying out activities in tune with the events in Pakistan. Over time, the organization tuned its activities around Singapore as well as Pakistan. As the population of Pakistanis in Singapore grew, so did SPA Membership. Today, SPA comprises Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, expatriates, short-term visitors and students.


Over the past 65 years, SPA has provided a platform for Pakistanis in Singapore to interact, and remain connected to their roots. SPA’s efforts include cultural, sporting and family events, to cater to the wide range of members. Concerts and performances featuring Pakistani artistes, Eid gatherings, Ramadan activities, Cricket and Sports Carnivals, talks and information-sessions are some of the ways that SPA brings its members together.


In addition, SPA works actively towards engagement with other community organizations such as KHALSA, SINDA and Arab Network.


SPA recognizes a duty to connect members to philanthropic activities. Over the years, SPA has worked in partnership with different charities and welfare organizations, both Singapore- and Pakistan-based. SPA has also stepped forward whenever there has been a crisis or emergency in Pakistan.