November 08, 2013
Bazm-e-urdu: spa urdu club

The brand new SPA Urdu Club held its very first meeting on Friday 8th Nov 2013. At this meeting, Urdu enthusiasts came together to give suggestions on the activities and plans of SPA Urdu Club going forward. It was a lively and fruitful discussion, and the name Bazm-e-Urdu was decided upon.

Bazm-e-Urdu will meet once every two months to discuss Urdu novels, poetry, excerpts from other writings, and possibly carry out baait baazi as we go along.

November 05,2013
Talk by sayed hadi al-qazwini

The ladies of Singapore gathered once again in Sophie Shaikh’s popular living room to listen to Sayed Hadi Al -Qazwini , a visiting scholar from the US . A great turn out for Sayed Hadi , he took everyone back into the early days of Islam ,explaining from authentic ahadith, what were the events that took place which shaped up our history today. The objective of his talk was to tell us the differences amongst the varying five major schools of thought and advise us to use tolerance and acceptance as our key tools to provide a peaceful and conducive environment amongst fellow Muslims .

The floor was then opened for a Q&A session, it seemed like most left the room either satisfied , enlightened and amazed . So the ladies of Singapore are not just conscious of what to feed their bodies , but what to feed their souls .

October 28, 2013
Spa coffee morning – yoga@ west coast park

Surya Namaskar or Sun salutation as many of us know … It was time for a change of scenery so this time the SPA ladies ventured out to the lush acres of West Coast Park . Along the shore, after a shady and partially covered area was found, out rolled a dozen yoga mats. It wasn’t the UV rays that was the topic of discussion, just the thought of turning a shade darker! We were very lucky to have two lovely yoga gurus join us, who took on the challenge of stretching out some not-so-flexible women! 🙂 It was an extremely enjoyable morning with sounds of giggles, oohs and aahs at amazement could be heard. After the strenuous session there was of course a picnic with two salad demonstrations by Sophie Shaikh and Syma Qasim, followed by yummy chicken fajitas by Afsheen Qadri . Everyone decided to give Zumba a go in the next coffee morning … Keep watching this space.

October 19, 2013
Spa present ghazal night with azra mohiddin @ beverley hills function room

SPA organized a casual evening with multi-talented artist Azra Mohyeddin (wife of Zia Mohyeddin), who besides acting also sings Ghazals & Classical music .She recently has been in many Pakistani Dramas, to name a few” Mujhey Khuda pe Yaqeen Hai”, ” Jia Na Jaye” and “Nannhi”. Azra’s lovely voice resonated with such power and grace that her listeners are spellbinded by the magic of her beautiful voice. People from all communities came together for a magical evening.

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