SPA Charity Work

SPA believes in garnering support for the use of wider social services in both Pakistan and Singapore. We do this through both organized charity drives, and ongoing year-long donations.


SPA holds an annual fundraiser to support selected organizations and causes. Some of the organizations SPA has supported are Indus Hospital (Karachi, Pakistan), Citizen’s Foundation, Developments in Literacy (DIL) and Pertapis Children’s Home (Singapore). PEN Through Karachi Welfare Trust.


In 2012, Singapore Pakistani Association raised and donated close to $300,000 to Indus Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, and $70,000 to Singapore Muslim Women’s Association. These funds were raised through a multi-faceted event organized by SPA in May 2012, Rhythms and Colours of the Indus, at Ritz-Carlton. The event was a gala dinner that included a fashion show, an auction and a concert. The fashion show featured collections of Pakistani designers Faiza Samee, Nurjehan Bilgrami and Amin Gulgee. The auction included Pashmina shawls, carpets and jewellery, followed by a concert by Pakistani artistes, Zeb & Haniya.


SPA also carries out charity drives in the event of catastrophes and natural disasters. When the earthquake struck Pakistan in 2011, 


When the floods struck Pakistan in 2010 and in 2022, SPA mobilized members and non-members alike to carry out a major donation drive, collecting donations in cash, medical supplies, clothes and other relevant necessities.


Throughout the year, SPA raises funds for education for various orphanages in Singapore and abroad, providing goody bags containing clothes, shoes, toiletries and sundry items for children during Ramadan.


The Ramadan drive also focuses on immigrant workers in Singapore providing them supplies to enjoy Ramadan and EID as they would do it at their own homes. 


For more information on the SPA Charity work, please get in touch with:

Sophie Shaikh at 9660-0665 or email