Youth Group

SPA Naujawan- SPAN

If you are below the age of 25 years, get ready for a great time, as you automatically become a part of SPAN – SPA Naujawan, SPA’s newly re-instated Youth Club!


SPAN has been set-up with the aim of providing a place for us young Singapore Pakistanis to get together and do the things we enjoy, aside from the … ‘fun and exciting’ activities our parents love being a part of: think of sports activities, entertainment events and other get-togethers.


Sports activities will include soccer and netball tournaments, and Beach Volleyball on Siloso Beach (Sentosa). Ever wanted to go cycling on Pulau Ubin, or kayaking at Macritchie Reservoir, but never found a bunch of cool people to go with? Look no further, because these are the kinds of things you will do with the rest of us at SPAN.


Qawwali Mehfils and Ghazal Nights are alright once in a while, but SPAN will keep track of, and organize outings to other gigs and entertainment festivals that require us to do more, like get out of our seats, and onto our feet!


Open-air movie screenings, dinner at the newest Halal French cafe on Arab Street or an open-floor session at Blu Jaz Café – SPAN will make sure there’s always something exciting to do with our SPAN fellows .


The best part about SPAN is that we get to decide the stuff we want to do, plan them and organize them because who knows better than us, what we enjoy? (And we might be able to invite our non-SPAN friends too.)


So, quickly enter your email address into the space below to start receiving regular up-to-date notifications whenever activities are organized.

If you have any questions, you can email (enter name of SPAN head) at (enter email address).

If you would like to volunteer and become a part of the official organizing team, email us at (enter email address)


This Project is in progress, watch out for further details.