Philanthropy Projects



1. Pertapis Home


SPA is proud to say that it has played a key role in the integration, development and community services through its high valued philanthropy projects.


“Every drop makes a ripple in the ocean no matter how big or small, nothing is more beautiful than the smiles on their faces when they receive something and we are lucky that they all pray for us.”

Sophie Shaikh (President SPA)




SPA and Pakistani ladies residing in Singapore have played a significant role in volunteering for Pertapis children home of neglected and abused children, as well as the Female center. They have taught Math’s and English since 1996. After a couple of years, they realized that volunteering was not enough so they developed a tuition program in which they hired teachers on a regular basis for the students. The teacher’s fees were paid by the SPA community and friends. Even then, the funds were not enough for the teacher’s payment so SPA along with Cargill company funded for this good cause. Thanks to Cargill the good cause continued for some time. 


SPA family Picnic: 

SPA is pleased to say that it hosts a picnic every year for underprivileged homes such as 1. Pertapis 2.Mohammidiyah boys home 3. Underprivilege families from the west coast 4.SINDA


Our Pakistani community of all age groups get busy months before the main event. They plan different sports, arts and craft activities, food and snacks as well as other type of entertainment. Our community children get a chance not only to host our guest from welfare homes but to play sports with them, integrate with them, and bond with them-which develops into friendships and trust.


This year SPA Family Picnic was Hosted in September 2023. Our guests were children and staff of the following welfare homes:

 1. SINDA  2. Mohammadiyah boys home  3. Pertapis children home and  4. Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls.

Guest of honor were: MoS of Homes Affair and National Development Dr. Faisal Ibrahim, and Pakistan High Commissioner Mrs.Rukhsana Afzal.


Our youngsters arranged Tug of war, football, musical chairs, Hula hoop, Spoon race, Origami, Arts and craft, Face painting, Cup-cake decoration, Henna application and much more. The welfare home children as well as the host children got McDonald’s meals along with some local Pakistani lunch and snacks. The ice cream stall was the highlight of the evening for all the attendees. It was a well-spent day.


SPA highly encourages its youth to integrate and give back to the community.


Hari Raya shopping

As more time was spent by the SPA Community with the Pertapis home children, their needs were highlighted and SPA started providing clothes and shoes to the students. This activity is carried out during the month of Ramadan, which is a three-day activity led in groups. The children are accompanied by two teachers and a few SPA committee members for a shopping outing, the highlight of this event is that the girls get to choose their own dress and shoes.


This year on the 1st of April 2023, Sophie Shaikh(President) took the students for Hari Raya shopping with the friends of the community. She is grateful to all the people who donate for this cause every year.


SPA is proud to state that it buys clothes and shoes for 150 children each year, which is a SPA adopted bursary.



2. Meals for Bangladeshi Immigrant Workers


SPA started working with the immigrant workers during the covid period with another NGO. They provided bedding and personal items for the workers. Additionally to that SPA started providing iftar meals to a few hundred workers in the month of Ramadan. This was not sustainable because it was expensive and still was not enough for the workers. SPA then requested MOM to give them space for cooking, which is available in some dorms only.


SPA later started buying Groceries for the workers which was used for breaking the fast (iftar and Sahoor). The Workers would go to the Mustafa store every week with SPA committee members and choose their own ingredients including chicken, fish, fruits, etc. They love cooking their own meals and enjoying healthy food, which is very important in the month of fasting. All this is only possible, with the generous donation which comes from the Pakistani community.


SPA is very proud to say that from 500 immigrant workers, it reached to 1200 workers who received groceries for Ramadan. Food items were also provided for Hari RAYA celebrations. We continue and look forward for your contribution in this noble cause.


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3. Charities conducted in Pakistan


Sophie Shaikh (President SPA) has invested a lot of personal time in philanthropy work in Pakistan. For years she has dedicated her personal time for upgrading of the underprivileged community in various villages in Pakistan. She consistently looks after projects in Pakistan usually during her visits in Summers. Her focus is to educate the children till primary level, and uplift the flood victims in Sindh Villages. A Few of the projects are as follows:


School Drive:

SPA is supporting a charity drive in Pakistan where the refurbishing of Government schools is conducted. The drive is led by the “Karachi Relief Trust” KRT. The schools come under the branch of KRT called PEN “Pakistan Education Network” which overlooks the project.

These special schools have enrolled children who come from extremely poor families. These humble families have the desire to educate their children but lack the resources. Around 3000 children are given books, Backpack, Stationary and uniforms. Sophie Sheikh personally looks over all the proceedings and supplies.


Sophie Shaikh, is also involved in providing resources to the Makli school children in Sindh. Generally, distribution of books, stationary, and bags is provided to the students. Children look forward to receiving their supplies for school each year.


 WhatsApp Image 2023-06-03 at 2.08.41 PM (3)  WhatsApp Image 2023-06-03 at 2.08.41 PM (5) 


Flooding’s in Pakistan:

Floods are growing threat in Pakistan, a catastrophic devastation which hits the country economically, socially as well as environmentally.

SPA arranged Goods for the flood victims in Pakistan by collecting used goods like shoes, Clothes, Toys, books for men, women and children. The goods were collected in July, Global Radiance group sent 2 shipments to Pakistan in August 2021 and Gokal shipping was sent in 2022. The members donated generously by contributing in this drive. The SPA committee looked over the fact that all the clothes and other items were washed, Sanitized, categorized and packed in plastic bags properly for the Flood victims. It took a lot of team work and effort, but our community had high adrenaline to help our flood victims in Pakistan. 


Rehabilitation of KTBabder:

Pakistan is an agricultural land, a lot of people’s livelihood is dependent on the crops and the livestock. Usually when the flood hits the affected area, it destroys not only the agricultural land but the livestock of the farmers as well. A farmer is dependent on these to sustain his family.


Sophie Shaikh personally visited KTBander, in summers 2022 after the devastating floods hit Pakistan in the month of July. KTBander is a small village 3 hours from the main city Karachi. To take an overview of the 40 Flood-victim families in this area. This area was completely underwater during flooding, and the families were in shacks. Sophie Shaikh provided a sustainable plan by buying livestock for each family. The families were very happy to receive the donations of Goats as well as ration.


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