Singapore Pakistani Association promotes and  facilitates the delivery of crisis relief and community development services to communities outside of Singapore. We partner closely with local authorities and organisations of various countries in the areas of child educational welfare, volunteer engagement, community development and humanitarian and crisis relief. SPA has initiated several crisis relief initiatives in countries including Pakistan, in several community development & educational projects in Singapore and abroad.


  • Development and capacity building projects for international communities
  • Rebuilding the lives of victims in crisis
  • Community Educational building projects



Some of the projects are:


Indus Hospital, Karachi, raising funds for medical and facility equipment.


Educational support for childrens home such as PPIS and Pertapis.


Islamic Homes, Jamiyah Childrens Home, Darul Isam, raising funds for childrens clothing, Education, books and facilities.


Promoting and Raising funds for Development and Literacy (DIL) and TCF  in Pakistan.


Working in conjunction with Mercy relief  to raise funds for medical equipment / supplies for victims of the floods and earthquake abroad. (Please see Articles & Photos in Gallery 2005 & 2009)


If you would like additional information or to support the community work of SPA, please contact the following:



Sophie Shaikh at 9660-0665 or email

Nafisa Kapadia at 9231-3786 or email

Farzana Danish at 9199 0479 or email